THE MARATHON OF THEM ALL! Three days, 5 rodeos with each cowboy competing in 5 events per rodeo. The Timed Event Championship, TEC, is at Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK.

This drive was a short 5 hours for this Texas family.  By now, my baby bear has become accustomed to the driving and is AMAZING at entertaining herself.  Whether she's singing the Frozen soundtrack at the top of her lungs or drawing on the window with her fingers/tongue/toes, no drive gets boring to this toddler.  

Because the TEC consists of 2 rodeos on Friday & Saturday, for an active toddler this often means 2 outfits per day.  I don't know about your toddler but mine prefers a shirt sleeve or pant leg to a napking or tissue.  As you can imagine, there's no way that she will wake up, get dressed, feed horses, rope the dummy (or herself), get to the arena, play princesses & ponies on the stadium floor, eat popcorn & chocolate milk, take a nap, and wake up rodeo ready again for the second performance.  It's just not happenin'!

The weekend wound up great and ended with a sane momma and a sleepy-but-still-sassy tot!

On to the next one... Houston Rodeo!

 Addy May in her "Hunny Bunny" Tank, $39.00


Addy May in her "Floral Hoodie", $24.00 & "Sweetheart Skirt", $20.00 & of course Betsey Johnson handbag!

 This Rodeo Kid will nap anywhere.

 "Hunny Bunny" Tank, $39.00 & "Hudson Jean Capris", $45.00


"Floral & Tulle" jacket, $32.00 & "Hudson Jean Capris", $45.00

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