The Western and Urban Infusion it the Bling and the Bang or the Ying and the Yang

What do you think of when you think of western wear?   Pearl snaps?  Cowboy boots?  Bandanna prints? Of course! Those traditional styles are trademark western wear but, today’s western is all that and so much more.  Western wear is now western fashion!  

The standard work-wear that originated to endure the Wild West has evolved into an eclectic combination of influences while still maintaining its country themed identity.  More importantly, the wearer has more opportunity to originally express his or herself with this broader definition of western fashion. 

The most recent shift is a more fashion forward trend, going beyond fringe, bling, and typical prints, to include textures, shapes, patterns, and accessories of a chic persuasion. Whether in a trendy pair of stacked heels or a beautifully detailed, hand-made boot, Women have pushed the standards of the western fashion world

The beauty of western fashion today is its’ ability to evolve and still maintain a sense of timelessness. Western fashion today is a beautiful balance of the past & present, the classic & the new, the country & the urban, the understated & the glamorous, the salty & the sweet. 

What originated out of necessity has become a brilliant fusion of functionality and art.

Below are a few twists that Addy May has thrown into her western fashions.

 Her fashion also includes getting into Mommy's makeup...

Pictured Above: "My Brother's Shirt", $56.00 & "Cathedral Tutu", $22.00.


Pictured Above: "Hudson Overalls", $55.00.

 Southern Belles rope in style.

Pictured Above: "The Southern Belle Dress", $74.00.

 Sometimes you just feel like expressing your dysfunctions and this happens.

Pictured Above: Hot Mess Express

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