RFDTV American Rodeo

We made it home from the freezing rain in Fort Worth while there for the RFDTV American!  The American was full of fun times with extended family that we don't get to see much of AND... fashion!  

As most of you know, The Rodeo World is a world of its own.  In that World is a group of extremely stylish women & KIDS with styles ranging from rustic western to hippie chic to complete glam.  It's always inspiring and especially fun to watch the littles express themselves through their button ups, sparkles & fringe. Addy May's rodeo weekends never start out with "rodeo ready" fashions, but after coercion, persuasion & compromise, we get there!  

Our weekend did start with two of Addy May's all-time "favorites", hotels & bagels.  Hotels have elevators, "aka Alligators" , and long hallways for sprints, twirls, racetracks, etc.  What's not to love about all of that? Leaving the hotel, however, is another story.  First of all, getting Addy out the door without stringing along her entire toy box is a game of compromises but, outfitting her in "rodeo ready" attire (she almost always prefers pj's) can be a circus act*.    

Once Addy May is happy with her outfit she acknowledges her approval with her signature "lub it" and we are finally rodeo bound.   During The American Rodeo, Addy chose to keep up her tradition of sleeping through the bull doggin'.  After nap she enjoyed the cookie diet and letting her grandmas kiss all over her.

We are home now and getting ready to go on to the next one!  Stay tuned for Addy May's adventures on & off the rodeo road.

Life is real rough being Addy May.

*For the Moms of toddlers... I really try to allow my child to be a part of "getting ready".  After all it's a creative process and a form of expression.  That said, when my child insists on only wearing her favorite bathing suit and a tutu in freezing rain. all forms of reason go out the window.  And for the extra sassy littles... it is completely understandable and acceptable for mom to lock herself in her closet for a moment of peace & quiet.


   Addy May lubs her some pink sparkly lips.


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