The King of Country Music hosts a Team Roping Jackpot every year at The San Antonio Rose Palace. This jackpot means BIG MONEY with over 700 team roping teams battling to place in the money. First place at this shindig pays roughly $136,000, a truck & a trailer. Yes, you read that right… $136,000! The facility has a small shopping area and a sectioned off area for the families. It is not Addy May’s favorite because the sectioned off area is in the dirt. And dirt makes her dirty, and all of her stuffed animals dirty too. The worst thing about this dirt is that it is packed dirt, and she can’t even build a sand castle! How dare us consider such harsh conditions for our little angel.

The fashion at GSTRC is simple and chic & a whole lot of “I woke up like this”.  Addy May loves bright colors, tulle & her favorite pair of boots.  But she also LOVES to be in jeans and a shirt so she can squirm her way under those bleachers and "treasure hunt".  Unfortunately for mom, she is still at that age where finding mustard under the bleachers is a gold mine and someone's generous finger painting contribution.  


Addy May stealing left over hay for her pony & showing her new puppy, that we adopted from the carnival, the ropes.

Shorts: Hudson Brand Bedrock Shorts, $39.00


Striking a pose in her...

Cardigan: Lace Back Cardigan, $23.00

Jeans: Hudson Boyfriend Jeans, $55.00

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